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Business strategy

Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in general strategy.

Choosing the right KPIs

With crucial KPIs buried deep in every business, finance professionals speak to Lauren Razavi about how they harness their company’s hidden depths for success.

Retailers in distress

With some high-profile businesses hitting the rocks in recent months, it’s time to take a fresh look at how to head off crisis. David Parsley investigates.

Dynamic pricing - pros and cons

With more and more companies adopting dynamic pricing, Xenia Taliotis explores the benefits and pitfalls of the strategy, plus the sectors it is affecting.

Car fleets - value for money?

Other forces than just HMRC are at work to cause FDs and fleet managers company car pain in the coming months, reports Pádraig Floyd.

Risks in bidding for large contracts

While winning a contract can be an exhilarating experience for smes, failing to assess its impact on business can pose many problems. Paul Golden looks into what SMEs can do to prepare for bidding.

Productivity and investment

With business investment in the UK slowing, Paul Golden considers the impact on productivity and employment and the role of the finance function in identifying and assessing potential sources of investment.

Subsidiary management and subsidiarity

With agile practices in business on the minds of many CEOs, Hazel Davis examines which approach is better – having full subsidiarity or centralised management and procedures.

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