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Financial modelling and forecasting

Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in financial modelling and forecasting.

Data visualisation in presentations

Author Steve Wexler reflects on the importance of feedback, iteration and constant improvement when it comes to creating the best data visualisations.

The science of business guessing

Sometimes it’s not possible to get more information, do a proper spreadsheet analysis, or calculate a forecast or estimate – we just have to guess. Matthew Leitch asks what science can teach us about how to guess well.

The three horizons of forecasting

Forecasting is incredibly important for finance directors and, when done correctly, is much more beneficial than just approximate predictions, says Gill Ringland.

Stepping forward strategically

In June the business team met with some UK heads of financial planning and analysis to discuss issues and suggest practical solutions. Rick Payne reports on the key areas of deliberation at the roundtable event.

Light the way ahead

Driver-based planning and rolling forecasting are widely used by larger companies, but what about SMEs? Paul golden examines the various approaches.

Financial strategy - forecasting issues

This quarterly report discusses high level issues surrounding forecasting - the risk and rewards of making them and global issues which may affect your forecasts.

More Excel treasures

John Tennent offers 10 tips to help you get accustomed to some of the less well known Excel features.

Testing assumptions in Excel

Observing the impact of operational and economic changes without experiencing them in reality can offer useful analysis. Jonathan Swan explains how to set up a helpful budgeting model using Excel.

Number crunching

The very power of statistics has led some to dismiss them as dammed lies. Robert Russell talks to Dr Ioannis Kyriakou about how to use them to analyse business performance.

Forecasting the future

In light of the general election result, the issue of accurate forecasting is a hot topic. But how can companies improve their performance in this key area of business?

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