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Business performance management

Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in business performance management.

BPM - Reading the signals

There is no one-size-fits-all method of managing business performance, but an understanding of where the key challenges occur can be helpful in refining your approach. Emma Riddell discusses the faculty’s ongoing work in this area.

BPM - Mind the gap

The UK economy seems to have a spring in its step and be moving steadily in the right direction. Why, then, is productivity lower than expected? Nick Huber asks a few difficult questions

BPM - Growing the beans

Gary Cokins explains how management accountants can confidently use their diagnostic skills to help the business with value creation.

Measure by measure

Performance measurement is an ongoing struggle form many organisations. But how can it be improved? Mike Bourne maps out the journey and assesses the obstacles.

Offload or overhaul

There is no simple formula for FDs looking to restructure in a time of recovery, as Sally Percy discovers.

BPM - Stellar performance

The key to good corporate management isn’t talking up your performance measures. Rather it’s a case of orchestrating a business symphony, argues Gary Cokins.

BPM - Power of value

For an enterprise, demonstrating value is an ongoing project. But what exactly does it involve? Bob Pamplin of ITAC explains the nature of value, and why it is so important.

KPIs: time to abandon ship?

In his second article on performance management, David Parmenter asks whether its time to leave key performance indicators behind and adopt more radical measurements.

BPM - Knowing the score

Balanced scorecards can significantly change how an organisation communicates and operates. Christian Doherty talks to Alan Sharpe, director of finance and information systems at the RSPB, about how scorecards came to the charity’s rescue.

Abolishing the myths

Myths surrounding performance management are limiting the effectiveness of key performance indicators in business says David Parmenter, who sets out the facts.

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