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Growth and export

Find out more about growth and export with articles, links and guides to help you identify techniques and tools for your business.

Business growth member profile

As Jim Drew opens a new factory for Fuzzy Brush, David Craik finds out how a disposable toothbrush is cleaning up at home and abroad.

UK industrial strategy white paper

Though Brexit negotiations are ongoing, Britain can’t stand still. So whatdoes the government’s industrial strategy white paper promise to a nation about to go it alone? And what do businesses think it will do for them? David Adams and Nina Bryant investigate.

UK economic update In full flow

With growth holding its own in the face of tough times, Nina Bryant charts the ups and downs noted by UK companies in the latest ICAEW analysis of the economy.

Innovation in the UK

Encouraging new ideas and fresh ways of doing things is vital for economic growth. David Craik looks at how the UK is planning to improve its performance.

Raise your export game

Despite declining numbers of exporters, the pressure is on UK plc to raise its exports game. Nigel Hastilow offers a roundup of the latest measures aimed at tackling the problem.

Industrial strategy - new approach

Industry has always been a strong driver of economic success for the British economy, but maintaining this requires the right approach from UK government. David Adams explores how a new industrial strategy might drive progress.

Building Bridges - is innovation enough?

Several government studies suggest many SMEs are engaged in innovation – but is this enough to fill the so-called gap and guarantee the future prosperity of UK business?

Wobbly world economy

In recent times economies have taken a turn for the worse, with financial markets spooked by the apparent weakness of the global economy. Scott Corfe looks at whether the future really is bleak.

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