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The economy

Access information on the state of the economy and ICAEW's Economic Insight reports.

The wages productivity dilemma

David Craik asks what the relationship is between wages and productivity – and what CFOs and FDs can do to boost both for the benefit of the staff and the balance sheet.

Review of 2017

With political uncertainty around Brexit, the outlook for 2017 was always going to be tricky to predict. Here’s an end-of-year roundup of key statistics and trends.

UK economic update In full flow

With growth holding its own in the face of tough times, Nina Bryant charts the ups and downs noted by UK companies in the latest ICAEW analysis of the economy.

Brexit update

What do business want to know about Brexit? If one thing's certain, we don't want months of needless uncertainty, say Nigel Hastilow.

Doing business in the UK

Recent changes to law aim to make the UK a more attractive business destination. David Craik asks a range of CFOs if the rules pass muster.

Government industrial update

When the general election came long, talk of the government's industrial strategy dried up. Nina Bryant looks at the details that are likely to still be on the table now that parliament has reconvened.

UK economic update

David Adams reviews the opinions and facts underlying the latest assessments of the UK economy.

Carry on regardless

Accountants are navigating the dark waters of Brexit, even though it’s not fully clear what it will mean for business, says Nigel Hastilow.

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