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The economy

Information on the state of the economy.

Mandatory energy audits

Energy-efficiency regulation is just another compliance burden – or is it? Business & Management looks at the potential gains to be had from mandatory energy audits.

UK economy in figures

51% of UK wealth comprises housing. We show how the UK compares to OECD countries.

Do tariffs hinder growth?

After imposing his tariffs earlier this year, Donald Trump believes his strategy is working far better than ever anticipated. But what about businesses across the world suddenly faced with rising costs, supply chain uncertainty and the prospect of renegotiating customer and supplier relationships? Christian Doherty takes a look at tariffs as tools in international trade negotiations.

UK business report

The results are in, and the UK’s medium-sized businesses are feeling positive about the future. Here we dissect NatWest’s report on mid-market Britain in 2018.

The UK and World Economy Summer 2018

The UK economy is in reasonable shape at present, but there are signs of challenges ahead for the world and for the UK, argues Stephen Davies.

Economic overview of the UK

With summer on the horizon the sun is shining on the economy. Dr Stephen Davies warns: don’t get the deckchairs out yet.

The UK economy

This report explores many of the hot issues now facing the UK and global economy.

Fed up with Brexit?

Bored with Brexit? Bothered and bewildered by it all? You will be, says Nigel Hastilow.

Are the Big Four too big

The collapse of building and services giant Carillion has shone a new spotlight on the audit market. With a combined revenue of $134bn in 2017, is the dominance of the Big Four having a negative effect?

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