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Media: Still a licence to print money?

The death of printed media has long been predicted; but has the recent decision of the Independent to stop producing its printed edition signalled the beginning of the end?

The internet is not only having an impact on the press, but mainstream television paid for by advertising is also under threat from streaming services such as Netflix and AmazonPrime.

The discussion of the area led to questions not just of the future of the media as we know it, but also whether more consolidation of the media and the future of independent news will cause a democratic deficit in the UK, with newspapers and bloggers being able to push an agenda without the need for balance.

We have put together some initial questions to obtain opinion on these matters from our younger members.

  • Will broadband take over the world or is there a danger the internet will eat itself? 
  • Will access to the internet become a human right? Could the lack of internet connection signify poverty?
  • Could TV advertising be a thing of the past as the future of TV is threatened by the internet?
  • This year has already seen the last paper copy of the Independent and the launch and failure of the ‘New Day’ - will we ever the see the end of printed news?
  • As newspaper circulation figures decline, are micropayments per article a viable way to support the news business?
  • Could television be a thing of the past in decades to come as we see the growth of streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc.)?
  • Is there a future for independent news and, if not, will this cause a democratic deficit? 
  • Will we see more influence for individual bloggers with their own agendas and more partisan news reporting?