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Sport: More own goals

Professional sport has never been richer, but this has come with bribery, corruption, accusations of the cover up of drugs cheats and worries that grassroots amateur sports have not enjoyed the fruits of these riches.

These provide a rich seam of topics for members to discuss the future of professional and amateur sports:

  • How can sport safeguard against corruption, in light of scandals in FIFA and the IAAF, in the future?
  • If corruption is still rife in international sporting bodies in the present, what could be seen by 2050?
  • If you were looking to reform FIFA what would you do to prevent scandal in the future?
  • As we see corruption come to light in football and athletics - the question is what else is going on in sport that we have yet to see?
  • What impact will broadcasting rights and sponsorship deals have on the future of sports?
  • Is elite sport sustainable if the lower levels struggle for financial survival? 
  • Will billionaires continue to patronise sport like they have in football and cricket?
  • Is ‘sport for all’ an illusion or will it cure the obesity crisis and save the finances of the NHS?
  • What of the entrance of China into the football market for players - what impact will that have on the economics of the top leagues? 
  • If ticket prices in football continue to rise will we see the end of fans at live games replaced by tourists?