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The Charity Commission

Articles from the Charity & Voluntary Community on the Charity Commission.

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Charity Commission requests feedback on guidance

The Charity Commission for England and Wales is seeking feedback on the guidance to report matters of material significance. They are not requesting input on the matters, but rather the reporting process.

Conflicts of interest: take an interest

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Andrea Brolly, senior policy adviser at the Charity Commission, highlights new guidance on conflicts of interest for charity trustees.

Excepted charities

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Nigel Davies, Charity Commission, reviews the registration, annual return and reporting requirements applying to excepted charities.

NAO report on the Charity Commission

The National Audit Office (NAO) was asked to produce a report examining the effectiveness of the Charity Commission as regulator of registered charities. The report was produced in December 2013 and this article highlights some of the findings by the NAO.

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