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Keep your friends close

Steve Ivermee, EY’s transaction advisory services managing partner in the UK, tells Marc Mullen why he thinks the three Cs are the way ahead for professional services.

The three Rs are the traditional foundations for learning; even if the first thing to learn is that they aren’t actually three Rs. For Steve Ivermee, EY managing partner of UK transaction advisory services, (TAS), three Cs define its strategy – continuity of strategy, change and collaboration. Ivermee has been with the advisory firm for 26 years, and in April assumed the head role.

In 2013, EY announced its Vision 2020 strategy, with the central aim of growing revenue to $50bn by 2020. The TAS business is targeting a doubling of its revenues over that period, which would require a composite growth rate of 13% a year – over the last two years it was 18%.

EY’s “capital agenda” approach to providing advice, established in 2013, continues to be central to growth plans (more on this later). Collaboration may well be something that EY says it has done well over the years, but for Ivermee it means working together to an even greater extent across service lines, and internationally.

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