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The creatives' accountant

Financing the creative industries has its idiosyncrasies, and Simon Flamank has spent 35 years learning them. He speaks to Marc Mullen about his latest role – and previous highs and lows.

A leading role in the creative industries is played by the UK. Films, TV, theatre, music and writing all have British stars, famous the world over. The importance of this ‘soft power’ to the UK should not be underestimated. Simon Flamank has spent 35 years in the creative sector. His latest ‘supporting role’ is as CFO of Original Talent – the London-based parent company of Curtis Brown, an agency for writers, actors, TV and radio presenters, and an award winning TV production company and creative writing school.

“The British economy has always had an enormous amount of creative oomph to it, and the UK has always punched well above its weight in the global creative economy,” Flamank says. “We have a rich history of literature, theatre, film and music in this country, all of which is consumed now worldwide on a variety of distribution platforms that no one would have believed possible back at the start of my career.”

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