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ICAEW, the UK government’s Industrial Strategy and the Patient Capital Review

In November 2017 the UK government published a detailed new Industrial Strategy.

The aim of the new strategy was to boost economic growth, productivity, high-paid-high-skilled jobs, and investment in the industries of the future – particularly in the face of Brexit.

The publication of the strategy followed 10 months of extensive public consultation, to which ICAEW was a significant contributor. This included ICAEW's response to the consultation concerning the Green Paper Building Our Industrial Strategy, published by the government in January 2017.

The Patient Capital Review

As part of the new strategy the government also undertook a Patient Capital Review about long-term investment. This included the publication of Financing Growth in Innovative Firms.

As part of ICAEW’s response to that consultation, HM Treasury and the Corporate Finance Faculty organised a business roundtable in September 2017. The event brought together business leaders and senior Treasury officials to discuss growth finance in the UK. This in turn informed ICAEW's response to the Patient Capital Review.

Boosting Finance for Engineering & Technology

In September 2016 ICAEW published a discussion paper with the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) on new ideas for boosting investment in technology ventures.

Key contacts

Graham Dale, Head of Public Affairs, ICAEW graham.dale@icaew.com

David Petrie, Head of Corporate Finance, ICAEW david.petrie@icaew.com

Shaun Beaney, Corporate Finance Faculty, ICAEW shaun.beaney@icaew.com

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