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Developing professional expertise

Successful corporate finance requires support from expert professionals. They help businesses to develop strategy, assess new initiatives, identify and raise the right types of capital, carry out in-depth due diligence, and execute transactions effectively and efficiently for benefit of their stakeholders.

Advisers need to work in partnership with businesses, investors and lenders. This demands not only core technical know-how but also extensive relationship, communications and consulting skills.

Access to diverse networks of corporate finance experts – and referrers – is a powerful source of new opportunities for companies, their advisers and stakeholders.

The reputations of corporate finance professionals depend on their track records of managing, structuring and executing successful transactions and providing expert advice to their clients.

The increasing use of social media to inform, influence and engage is another factor that continually tests corporate finance professionals’ reputations for high-quality advice and service.

Well qualified, experienced and successful corporate finance professionals help clients to transact in legal and ethical ways – as well as effective ones. Corporate finance professionals, including Chartered Accountants, follow clear ethical guidelines.


On the world stage

Michael Izza, ICAEW’s chief executive, talks to Corporate Financier about global economies, regulation, innovation, the Trump presidency and the role of professional expertise in post-Brexit Britain.

Wisdom received

Many members of the Corporate Finance Faculty’s member firms and partner organisations attended its annual reception. Marc Mullen reports.

Treasure chests

The demands on professional treasurers and the need for treasury management expertise have dramatically increased over the past few years.

May cause drowsiness

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Endless pages listing the side effects of investing do not help investors decide whether an equity pill is bitter or not, says Jon Moulton.

Corporate Finance Qualification

The Corporate Finance (CF) qualification is recognised around the world and establishes a high level of expertise across international markets. It is designed with a focus on the commercial, practical and technical skills demanded by major corporate and financial clients and investors.

A new dimension

Having emerged from a period of intense fee pressure, due diligence teams are leaner and more focused on delivering value to clients. Marc Mullen looks at the latest developments