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Creating new opportunities

There is an important public interest and significant social benefit in corporate finance for business innovation. In order to engage with new markets, new technology, new deals and new ventures, companies need to access equity capital, debt and alternative finance.

Expert corporate finance advice adds value by providing the flexibility and know-how that companies need so they can adapt to changing commercial circumstances.

This includes taking a global perspective on business and exploring international commercial opportunities as they appear on the horizon.

M&A is another very important way for companies to grow and change – by moving into new sectors and countries, developing new services, integrating complementary technology and know-how, investing surplus cash, creating jobs and increasing value for shareholders (and stakeholders).

Corporate finance knowledge and skills – including transaction and advisory services – are increasingly in demand across many areas of business, the economy and the public and private sectors.


The deal generation

Some family offices are pretty secretive and avoid publicity about their investments. But with estimates putting their powder at $50trn worldwide, they are a growing part of the deal landscape, as Jason Sinclair discovers.

Nothing to fear?

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Internet growth has outstripped the safeguards around it, creating a plethora of opportunities for cyber security start-ups and M&A in the sector. Brian Bollen reports.

Take AIM

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AIM celebrates its 20th anniversary next year. It may not have always been plain sailing for the LSE’s junior exchange, but it now claims to be the first port of call for many international companies looking for a listing.

Cyber-Security in Corporate Finance

Understanding, anticipating and managing the risks in Cyber Security in Corporate Finance is crucial for all company directors and advisers; it is not an issue to be dealt with only by IT and technical specialists.