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Corporate governance

ICAEW and our members promote good practice in corporate governance.

Over half of our 147,000 members are in business, and many of them sit on boards or have senior positions running companies. Our members in practice support the flow of reliable information between companies and their stakeholders.

ICAEW is a significant voice in the corporate governance debate because our members help companies do business better, enhancing trust in the market economy.

Key topics

Introducing basic information on corporate governance in the UK and beyond.


Connect and reflect: Dialogue in corporate governance

To succeed in the modern world, businesses must move away from defensive old-style news management and corporate positioning. ICAEW argues that if companies embrace a positive approach to corporate governance that ensures they connect with and reflect society, they will reap many benefits.

Corporate Governance Briefing Nov 2017

Updates on UK, EU and other developments. This paper provides a brief update on governance developments since the last Corporate Governance Committee meeting.

Corporate Governance Committee

Meet the powerhouse behind our corporate governance work.

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Corporate governance committee

ICAEW Corporate Governance Committee is delegated by the Institute Council to have specific responsibilities.

Consultation responses

Response covering diverse subjects from diversity to shareholder engagement.

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Corporate Governance Community

A forum on corporate governance sharing practical knowledge and networking.


Government Corporate Governance policy consultations

On 29 November 2016 the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published a Green paper on Corporate Governance. The BEIS Commons Select Committee launched an inquiry on Corporate Governance in September 2016.

Better boards

Information and guidance on board effectiveness for corporate governance professionals from the Corporate Governance Community

The board and board committees

Guidance, articles, eBooks, publications and other resources on the role and work of the chairperson, boards and audit & risk, nomination and remuneration committees.

Boardroom Diversity

Considerations and guidance for corporate governance professionals on boardroom diversity.

Non executive directors

Guidance, articles, eBooks, publications and other resources on the role and legal position of NEDs and Chartered Accountants acting as NEDs

Corporate Governance

Benefits of joining this specialist network for corporate governance professionals.

Our thought leadership

Exploring new ideas for the corporate governance debate.

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Regulatory developments

Topical information covering the UK and beyond.

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Library & Information Service

Handpicked resources on corporate governance, including articles and eBooks.

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Corporate governance

Access material on corporate governance in the ICAEW Library & Information Service collection.

Talk Accountancy Forum

Join the corporate governance debate: connect and reflect.

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