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Emerging Issues - findings

The Beyond the myth of Anglo-American corporate governance initiative aims to generate discussion and broaden debate on the differences between US and UK corporate governance systems.

In January 2007 the ICAEW published the Emerging Issues paper at a London Roundtable held at Chartered Accountants' Hall.

Emerging issues summarises our findings on the 21 questions in the Pressure Points consultation which have been developed after face-to-face engagement with practitioners and commentators.

Emerging issues reflects the views of many interested parties on both sides of the Atlantic. It highlights areas of consensus and disagreement about the successes and failures of the US and UK systems. In doing so, the purpose of the initiative is not to make specific policy recommendations but to promote understanding of pressures and opportunities that arise in increasingly international capital markets.

Background historical information and evidence are provided in four supporting discussion papers which should be read in conjunction with the findings outlined in the Emerging Issues paper.

The ICAEW welcomes dialogue and opportunities for interaction between US and UK counterparts to share experiences and broaden understanding. To discuss the Emerging Issues paper email: corporategovernance@icaew.com or telephone +44 (0) 207 920 8714.