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Postcard from Aberdeen

Michael Izza’s visit to Aberdeen gave members the chance to explore the opportunities that are out there, as ICAEW Scotland Director, David Bond explains.

The £10 cup of tea?

The supply of electricity is unlikely to meet demand, warns Professor Roger Kemp.

Powering down

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Article on the effect of climate change on future supplies of electricity, by Professor Roger Kemp, Lancaster University.

Looking beyond the decommissioning event horizon

Article examining investment decision-making for the nuclear power industry, factoring in decommissioning and environmental clean-up. Article was originally published in ‘Nuclear Matters’.

Nuclear Decommissioning

The UK’s nuclear energy sector is set for dramatic change. By 2030, all but one of our 15 nuclear power reactors will have shut down with the exception of French giant EDF Energy’s Sizewell B operation in Suffolk.

Renewable energy plays a key part

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The Energy and Natural Resources Group’s roundtable event “Government Outlook and Policies in the Renewable Sector” took place at Cambridge in June, with presentations by Deloitte’s Andrew Barroso and Ian McCarlie from Pinsent Masons, followed by an interactive discussion. This article explores the event’s main points.

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