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Freedom and choice in pensions

Freedom and Choice Pensions took full effect from 6 April 2015. ICAEW and Corporate Partner Prudential PLC, has produced this technical guide to help professional advisers keep up-to-date with this increasingly complex and important area of advice.

Technical guide to Freedom and Choice in Pensions - A guide to the pension reforms (December 2017)

Freedom and Choice in Pensions

A guide to the pension reforms - December 2017

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This guide provides information on Freedom and Choice in Pensions with case study examples to help professional advisers from different disciplines better understand the technical details and implications of the pension freedoms. The guide has been updated to include a section on the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA) pension transfer regime.

DPB (Investment Business) licence and FCA authorisation

Make the most of the pension reforms and support your clients with their financial planning. Find out how you can enhance the services you already offer your clients with a DPB (Investment Business) licence. This section explains what regulated investment business is, who is regulated, and how your firm can apply for FCA (previously FSA) authorisation or a DPB (Investment Business) licence.