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Tax Alpha – tax planning strategies that deliver added value to your clients

Contribute to your CPD. Learn how to make the most of financial planning strategies to maintain long-lasting client relationships. This webinar will feature speakers from UBS Wealth Management who will guide you through these strategies.

Clients know that a personal financial plan built around sound tax planning, protecting investment assets and preserving returns has a much greater chance of success than a plan which focuses on investment performance alone.

To help you build more durable and profitable relationships, speakers from UBS Wealth Management will outline pro-active financial planning strategies that will help you deliver tangible value to your clients:

  • The importance of making best use of tax reliefs and allowances – how "tax alpha" can protect and enhance investment gains
  • Pension accumulation options for high-earners whose pension funding potential is limited by the Annual Allowance taper
  • The impact of effective tax rates through the accumulation and post-retirement lifetime of a pension
  • Ideas for efficient accumulation pre-retirement, for example when investing in commercial property in a SIPP
  • Ways of making best use of tax-efficient investments such as VCT, EIS and SITR pre- and post-retirement
  • Options for clients relying on dividend income from concentrated portfolios or single stocks, particularly where accumulated CGT liability is an issue
  • The place for philanthropy in planning

First broadcast Tuesday 27 September 2016