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Dentistry update

There aren’t any major changes in dental matters to bring to the attention of members of the ICAEW Healthcare Community at the moment, and that’s usually a good thing. Nevertheless a quick run through of what is happening in the dental world might be useful.

First of all, NHS Pension Saving Statements for 2016/17 started to become available for NHS dentists in November 2017. It seems that NHS Pensions are sending Pension Saving Statements out whether or not the dentists are likely to be liable for the Annual Allowance Charge, but of course for many dentists in mixed practices a combination of their NHS Pension and significant private pension contributions may trigger an Annual Allowance Charge.

With regard to NHS orthodontic contracts, the legal challenge against NHS England by the British Dentistry Association has now been suspended, and NHS England are undertaking further work to come up with a revised tendering process. In the meantime NHS England has said that any existing NHS orthodontic contracts which were due to expire in 2018 will not be extended until March 2019.