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This section of the website provides advice and guidance to help you improve your presentation using Excel, covering topics such as cell formatting, number formatting, conditional formatting, graphs and charts, reviewing and page and print set-up.

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Power BI Desktop - Part two

Simon Hurst continues his guide to data display with some tips on how to keep up to date with changes and enhancements to customise your content.

Power BI Desktop - Part one

Power BI Desktop offers new ways to visualise and present data. In part one of his guide, Simon Hurst uses Facebook posts to demonstrate some of its capabilities.

Excel emojis

Although it's generally a good idea to keep reports as simple and clear as possible, the sparing use of unusual graphics can sometimes add to impact.

Keep your clients in the picture

Pictures and charts can be extremely useful in accounting to get a point across more clearly. Simon Hurst explores Excel’s graphic-based options

Tart up your chart

Most of the time there is a great deal to be said for keeping charts as simple and as clear as possible. Many chart adornments, such as using 50% more dimensions than you really need, or overenthusiastic use of different colours and fonts, can reduce how effectively your chart communicates its underlying message.

Excel Chart Part 3

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Training specialist and IT Faculty past Chair, Simon Hurst, continues his series of articles that promote the more efficient use of commonly used office software.

Number formats part 2

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In this short series we will look at the basics of number formatting and some less obvious features and options. Part 2 considers how best to make our number formats available to all our Excel spreadsheets.