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Presenting and charting in Excel

This webinar provides top tips on getting the most out of your charts and visualisations in Excel.

For many of those who work with financial data, a key part of their role is to communicate the meaning hidden in numbers to a varied audience. Some will be comfortable just with tables of figures but, for many others, the message can be made clearer using additional tools and techniques such as charts and other graphics.

It is becoming much easier to turn numbers into graphics. Accounting programs increasingly include charts and graphical dashboards as an integral component; the media in all its form rarely presents numbers without using some sort of visual aid, often inappropriate and patronising. As the general population becomes increasingly used to ‘infographics’ it becomes more important than ever that we know how to communicate information clearly and accurately with the full range of tools at our disposal. Rather than being reluctant and uncertain followers, we should really be at the forefront of thought-leadership in this area.