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Information security

Information security is concerned with protecting the information assets of an organisation. It aims to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information and good information security underpins the effectiveness and value of IT systems.

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The IT faculty provides materials to help organisations understand the risks to information from new technologies and the measures they can take to manage these risks.

Don't take work home

With an NSA employee set for jail time for working on classified information at home, it might be best to keep work at the office.

Don't panic about GDPR

ICAEW and its members are readying themselves for new data protection legislation. In the first of a new series on GDPR, Lesley Meall looks at what the faculty is doing to become ready.

Data deadline is upon us

If stopping processing digital information is out of the question for your business, there is just time to take action and ensure you are GDPR compliant.

Phishing contest

Cyber criminals often seem to do a better job of communicating with a company’s staff than the company itself. Vicki Gavin offers her tips to compete with and defeat the phishers.

A new age of consent

What is the lawful basis for processing personal data and retaining it under the GDPR?

It's a cultural thing

Awareness of cyber threats is one thing, but increased security from change will only come from a cultural shift, say Simon Borwick and Lushin Premji.

Prepare to protect

Dr Sam De Silva explores the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation and how it’s likely to affect business in the long term.

Secure options

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CISSP, CASP, ISO 27001 – but which is the right qualification for your IT experts? Alan Calder leads us through the minefield of cyber security qualifications.

The password problem

Security experts have been telling us for years that protecting data using passwords is insecure.

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