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Essentially safe

Rob Watson and Ian Glover explain the process and benefits of certifying with Cyber Essentials – the government’s cyber-security initiative

It’s over a year since the UK government’s Cyber Essentials (CE) security scheme launched. Since then more than 600 organisations have become certified with over 180 at the higher CE Plus level.

CE implemented a set of tests and benchmarks enabling companies to display an official badge certifying good cyber hygiene. The scheme is mandatory for any organisation looking to provide services to government.

ICAEW has recently completed the process via CREST, one of three organisations delivering the programme on behalf of government 

Not-for-profit CREST is particularly involved in providing services via the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure to those protecting the UK’s most sensitive IT infrastructure.

CREST also trains individuals and certifies bodies to carry out cyber security work. Among its other security projects are the Bank of England’s CBEST cyber plan and the Simulated Targeted Attack and Response protocol.

This is an extract from an article in the Sept/Oct 2015 edition of Chartech, the magazine of the IT Faculty. 

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