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CPD: making your faculty membership pay

What is continuing professional development (CPD), and how can ICAEW help members to achieve and record it? This article provides the advice and resources to assist you in your CPD declaration.

Time to declare

It is that time of year again where members of ICAEW are required to declare that they have been undertaking relevant and sufficient continuing professional development (CPD). This article should help you understand the requirements of CPD and how faculty membership can assist you in making your declaration.

What is CPD and what CPD should I do?

CPD is a requirement of being a chartered accountant. You are required to develop your expertise and professional skills for the duration of your career.

CPD applies to all members who:

  • do any accountancy-related work (paid or unpaid);
  • do any other work for reward;
  • act as a trustee or corporate director or who perform any role which carries with it similar financial/legal responsibilities; or
  • plan to undertake any of the above activities in the future.

It is up to you to judge what CPD is most appropriate to you and how you intend to acquire that knowledge. Membership of the faculty implies an interest in matters related to finance and management. Keeping up-to-date with faculty publications and events may in itself be enough to satisfy the CPD requirements.



This is an extract from the Finance & Management Magazine, Issue 193, November 2011.

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