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Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in leadership.

Special report Courageous Leadership

Courage is one of the skills that great leaders are deemed to need and perhaps the most important. This report covers the key areas that leaders might want to focus on.

A leader in the pack

Thinking of moving on? Phil Sheridan explains how to make your CV stand out from the crowd when looking for your next FD role.

Another level

How do you recognise when the FCs in your organisation are ready to make the step up to management, and how do you prepare them for the transition? Xenia Taliotis finds out what special qualities make for a good first-time FD.

Getting creative with conflict

Managing conflict is a key to success for finance directors and others, argues Patrick Dunne. Here, he offers advice for turning disputes into productive discussions.

Good coaching wins the game

Professional development doesn’t stand still and even those at the top of their game could benefit from executive coaching. Nina Bryant finds out what it involves.

An FDs first 100 days

It is important to hit the ground running in the first few months in a new job, but what should an FD's priorities be? Linda McKay and Alison Coleman consult three senior finance professionals for their insight.

Coffee culture

Can going for a coffee with contacts really transform your Influence? It's a good start, says Andy Shambrook.

Leading lights

Behind most clever business ideas is a person who questions the way things have always been done. Morgan Witzel names some of those who put forward a better alternative

Special report 39 - Leadership

This special report on leadership has been compiled to point you in the right direction in your leadership search. The authors all firmly support the idea that, although some leaders may be born, many more are made, and the appropriate training and support forms a vital component in this development.

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