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ICAEW Practice Committee Elections 2018

The ballot for the ICAEW Practice Committee (IPC) elections is now open!

Due to retirements by rotation seven members will step down from the IPC in May 2018. In November last year we invited all ICAEW members working in practice to stand for election, and 12 members have come forward to nominate themselves. 

We are now asking for you to help shape the future of the IPC by casting your vote before Friday, 2 March 2018. 

How to cast your vote

Voting online is quick and easy. Once you have had a chance to read through the personal statements of each of the candidates (which you can view here), simply follow the steps below. You can vote for a maximum of seven candidates. If you are eligible to vote, your personalised two-part ballot code has been sent to you either by email or post, depending on your communication preferences. 

Voting online:

Step 1: You can vote online at the following address: ersvotes.com/ipcelections2018
Step 2: Enter your personalised two-part ballot code. After logging in, simply enter your choice when requested. 
Step 3: Once you have cast your votes, you will have the option to confirm your choice or change your mind before submitting it to the independent scrutineer. 
Step 4: The site is secure and votes will be kept in confidence. You must submit your vote NO LATER THAN 17:15 GMT on Friday 2 March 2018 for it to be counted. 

Voting by post:

If you have received a postal voting pack you can also vote by completing the voting paper included with the pack and returning it in the prepaid envelope also included with the pack. 

Step 1: Place a cross in the box next to the name of up to seven candidates you want to vote for. Insert your registered address in the space provided if different from the printed one on the form and sign the form in the space provided.  
Step 2: Return the voting paper by post in the prepaid envelope supplied. The scrutineers must receive voting papers NO LATER THAN 17:15 GMT on Friday 2 March 2018.
Step 3: The scrutineers will reject any voting paper which is: unsigned; or is without the member's registered address; or which they receive after the prescribed date; or which contains more crosses than there are vacancies to be filled; or which the voter has otherwise completed incorrectly. 

All votes must be submitted no later than 17:15 GMT on Friday 2 March 2018 to be counted. 

If you have not yet received your security codes and want them to be resent, or if you would like to request a postal voting pack, please contact Anna Badham at anna.badham@icaew.com. If you have any other questions please contact us on +44 (0) 1908 248 250 or email practice.committee@icaew.com

What you need to know about the ICAEW Practice Committee

Why your vote matters: what does voting mean for you?

ICAEW is committed to supporting its members throughout their career. A vote in this election allows for your views and concerns as a member in practice to be represented through your choice of candidate. 

What is the role of IPC? What do they do for me?

The role of the IPC is to be a representative voice for practice within ICAEW. It listens to members and provides feedback to the ICAEW.  It also guides on the development of services and advises on communications and the impact of regulations.

Take a look at what IPC have done for you...

  • Raising practitioner issues
  • Providing insight for ICAEW
  • Practice perspective on consultations
  • Looking to the future – Tomorrow's Practice
What's involved?

As an ICAEW Practice Committee Member, you will be expected to attend all committee meetings, undertake significant reading between meetings as well as join working parties to deal with single issues as they arise. You will represent members in practice and keep them up to date with professional developments affecting practitioners.

Are there other opportunities to get involved with ICAEW?

Be in touch with the Committee via practice.committee@icaew.com and let them know your concerns; put yourself forward as a candidate and represent your views and those of your fellow chartered accountants; participate in the ballot to ensure your vote is counted.

Some other ways to get involved with ICAEW

Committee elections rules