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The latest issues concerning practices and sole practitioners.

Cyber and data protection for your business

The importance of protecting personal data and staying secure online are ideas that we can all get behind. Wanting to have some control over what people know about us, or say about us, isn’t a new idea. What is new, are the methods by which information can be shared and obtained.

Debunking derisking

ICAEW Risk and Regulation Manager John Mongelard outlines some of the reasons why banks are closing accounts for small businesses, and what you can do about it.

The future professional

The future of the profession has been a hot topic of conversation for a number of years now, but whatever the profession might look like in the future, we can be sure that it will be shaped by today’s practitioners. It’s for this reason that the theme of this year’s annual practice conference is the future professional.

New anti-money laundering rules for pension trustees

Trustees of occupational pension schemes need to ensure they comply with new anti-money laundering rules. Most are easy to follow and apply immediately, but a new HMRC reporting duty, applying from 31 January 2018, could be more challenging.

Small companies disclosure of transactions with directors

In recent months ICAEW has received a number of queries from members about the disclosures that small companies need to make about transactions with directors. This article provides a brief reminder of the regulatory background and highlights some of the current issues under consideration.

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