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Marketing your practice

Tips and guidance on marketing your practice.

Use the things that set chartered accountants apart to help you market your practice. These include:

  • your qualification, training and experience
  • the fact that you are required to keep up to date and undertake continuing professional development
  • your adherence to ICAEW's bye-laws, regulations, standards, and Code of Ethics
  • your firm's membership of the Practice Assurance scheme
  • the fact that ICAEW sets and monitors standards and provides guidance on a range of subjects
  • the fact that you have professional indemnity insurance and
  • the fact that people can contact ICAEW if there's a dispute.

How to market your practice

Copy checking services for your practice

Technical Advisory Services provide copy checking services to ensure that your practice letterhead and marketing materials meet ICAEW requirements.


For just £25 for an A4 sheet or equivalent the technical advisory team will check your marketing material to ensure that it is consistent with the requirements of the ICAEW Code of Ethics.

Checking your material before publication can avoid complaints and unnecessary expense and our normal turnaround time is two working days.

Email your material to ethics@icaew.com

Practice letterheads

Your practice letterhead and other stationery must comply with legislation, including the Companies Act requirements as well as ICAEW’s Regulations and Guidance statement ‘The names and letterheads of practising firms’.

Avoid unnecessary expense and other problems by getting your draft stationery checked by the technical advisory team before you send it to your printers.

There is no charge for this service and our normal turnaround time is two working days.

Please email your material for checking to ethics@icaew.com