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Setting up a practice

Find out about the key matters you need to consider when setting up in practice.


How to set up your own successful accountancy practice.

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Our Setting up in practice pages will help you with the key questions you may have when starting up in practice.

Practice events

Our annual conference, workshops and technical roadshows.


Essentials Roadshow

CPD courses on tax, audit and assurance, financial reporting & practice development.

Past webinar and events

Discover the past events that the Practice team have held

Practice 2017: Conference and Expo

ICAEW’s annual round-up of technical, economic and practice management updates, brought together over two days.

Start your digital journey before MTD

Highlights of an ICAEW Practitioner Business Advisers event held on 5th October 2018.

Tomorrows Practice Today 2017 Workshop Series

Focused and practical workshops highlighting how to make the most of new business opportunities.

Practising certificate

Practising certificate and self-assessment questionnaire.


Self assessment questionnaire

See that you are ready for public practice with our self assessment questionnaire.

During the early months

Review whether you're heading in the right direction.

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2 things to do during the early months

Take time during the early months of setting up in practice to set a review date and consider whether you're heading in the right direction.

Commercial success

Focus on these areas to ensure commercial success.

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Areas to consider for commercial success

For commercial success, carefully consider client management, risk management, practice marketing and how you bill your clients.