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Academic research funding

Advancing thinking and debate

Through a programme of academic research funding from the ICAEW’s charitable trusts, we aim to fund the highest quality accounting and finance academic research and events.

What’s it all about?

Through a programme of academic research funding from the ICAEW’s charitable trusts, we aim to fund the highest quality accounting and finance academic research and events. 

In turn we aim to bring that research to the attention of key people including practitioners, regulators, standard-setters, businesses, investors and opinion-formers.

What we’ve done

In 2012 three new projects have been awarded funding from ICAEW’s charitable trusts.

For a complete list of on-going projects supported by ICAEW's charitable trusts:

We updated our technical publications report to include all currently available technical and research publications for 2012.

For new and upcoming releases, please check our ‘what’s new’ section.

We also support academic events. Listed below are all the conferences we have been and are supporting in 2012.

  • MARG Aston conference on 15-16 November
  • TRN annual conference, 5-7 September at Roehampton
  • 13th World Congress of Accounting Historians, 17-19 July in Newcastle
  • IPA Emerging Scholars Colloquium, 11-13 July in Cardiff
  • Financial reporting and business communications conference, 5-6 July in Bristol
  • Behavioural finance working group and M&A research centre conference, 21-22 June in London
  • BAFA national auditing conference, 17-18 May in London
  • BAFA doctoral colloquium, 16-17 April in Brighton
  • 6th MBS and LSE conference on 25 June in Manchester
  • MARG London conference on 22 March
What we’re thinking about

We support academic research which relates to our thought leadership work.  See our landing page for more details of our thought leadership programmes and topics. 

If you are interested in applying for funding for a project or event then take a look at our web pages on project funding.

The latest research catalogue also gives details of our thought leadership programmes and reports and our published research.

What's new?

Disclosure quality and international comparability under IFRS: evidence from pension discount rates, impairment and capitalisation of development costs

This briefing reports on the difficulties met when collecting data into international differences in IFRS practice. In particular it address the areas of pension discount rates, impairment charges and capitalisation of development costs. Data was collected on these topic areas from 527 firms domiciled in 15 countries. The findings will be of interest to analysts, auditors and regulators.

Executive Remuneration: Factors influencing consultants’ advice

This briefing examines the factors that influence the advice executive remuneration consultants provide to their clients. Based on insights from interviews with consultants, the briefing identifies the key factors influencing their advice and their client relationships.

When does fair value accounting lead to artificial stock price volatility?

Motivated by the concern of some that fair value accounting and its implementation can make firms’ businesses appear more volatile than they actually are, this research briefing uses UK investment trusts to probe the relationship between stock price volatility and the volatility of fair value earnings.

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