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Hot topics in tax

Stay informed on the latest developments in tax policy and practice with insights provided by the Tax Faculty. Articles and reports consider: the implications of Brexit; the difficulties of hypothecation; the challenges of taxing the gig economy; and reform of national insurance.

Latest publications

Hypothecation of taxes – a cure to austerity?

Ian Young 25-01-2018

Is hypothecation - assigning particular tax revenues to a specific public policy goal - a good thing? Read Ian Young's article presenting the facts and then decide.

The sharing economy – labour and the gig economy

Anita Monteith, ICAEW Tax Faculty 10-03-2017

Anita Monteith of ICAEW’s Tax Faculty explains how to account for trades in the sharing economy, specifically how tax and national insurance work in the gig economy

TAXguide 21/17: The tax implications of Brexit

Neil Gaskell, ICAEW Tax Faculty 06-12-2017

Although many of the tax implications of Brexit are currently unknown it is VAT and customs duties which are most likely to be affected. As these are based on EU law, Brexit provides an opportunity for the UK government to make legislative changes to these taxes. In this guide ICAEW's Tax Faculty outlines the potential consequences.

Taxing corporate profits: hard choices


Currently there is widespread concern that many businesses, particularly large multinational corporations, are not paying enough tax on their profits. This is a serious issue at a time when public finances are under strain. This ICAEW report highlights the tough choices faced by businesses and politicians in relation to corporate tax.

A world of strong economies - the Hardman Lecture 2017

Ian Young, Tax Faculty 29-11-2017

The structure of the tax system and tax policy choices are part of the mix which includes social mobility, equality, skills and education needed to build a world of strong economies. Mary Monfries, partner at PWC, gave the 2017 Hardman Lecture 2017.

Ten Tenets for a Better Tax System


The Tax Faculty has formulated Ten Tenets for a Better Tax System. This comprises 10 key characteristics against which to evaluate tax systems and tax policies, which include: simplicity, certainty and reasonableness.