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HMRC's Tax Agent Strategy

The background and latest news on HMRC's tax agent strategy

What is HMRC's Tax Agent Strategy?

HMRC is unable to differentiate between agents in business, those acting for friends or family and voluntary sector agents. It has no information about whether or not an agent has a professional qualification. HMRC is interested in developing a system which will identify agents and provide it with information to help know agents in business better. It can then allow trusted agents to self-serve some transactions. The proposals cover:

  • a new enrolment process
  • a facility for trusted agents to self-serve some transactions
  • developing an agent view for HMRC to monitor agent performance
  • exploring the role of professional bodies in the process of providing support to agents whose standards fall short of an accepted level.

The new enrolment process and self-serve facility are part of HMRC’s digital development programme.

How to get involved

If you would like to send us your views or comments on any aspect of the work please contact the Tax Faculty.

Email the Tax Faculty

HMRC is consulting with ICAEW, other professional bodies and also with agents directly to understand the practical implications of its proposals as they are developed.

Latest developments


Please note some Tax Faculty webinars are premium content, and you will need to be a Tax Faculty member to access them

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HMRC initiated its agent strategy to review the way it works with agents in May 2011 when it issued a consultation document.

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