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Report or find help to solve a tax problem

HMRC service issues, technical tax concerns and links to help resolve client specific problems. This page provides information on how to report HMRC service issues, how to feed your concerns about the impact of any new tax legislation or its operation and links to help you resolve client specific problems.

HMRC service issues

Report problems with HMRC online services, getting through to HMRC on the phone, not getting a reply to a letter, agent authorisation or other HMRC service issue use one of these following channels to report the problem. 

Technical tax issues

Contact us about technical tax issues whether you have a comment on new proposed legislation, have identified a problem with current legislation that is not working and needs resolving or have a suggestion to improve the tax system.

Client specific tax problems

Contact HMRC

HMRC has a number of direct channels to help agents resolve their client specific problems with any tax. Examples of issues will include problems with obtaining a refund, correcting a return, obtaining a corporation tax or CIS refund,

Contact ICAEW

Use the Tax Faculty referral scheme to access a tax specialist for help or seek a second opinion on a tax issue whether it is technical or operational. This scheme is available to Tax Faculty members.