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ICAEW Tax Faculty technical committee contacts

The Tax Faculty is the voice of tax for ICAEW. It comprises a committee to run operations, a technical committee, and subcommittees covering all areas of taxation. Each committee is made up of leading volunteers in their area of tax managed by technical tax managers.

Please use the contacts below to feed your views and concerns direct to the Tax Faculty.
Tax Committees and working parties Area of tax work Tax technical manager
Tax Faculty Tax Faculty remit and strategy frank.haskew@icaew.com
Tax technical The voice of tax for ICAEW All taxes and issues Finance bill and government tax representations frank.haskew@icaew.com
E filing Online filing, ixbrl anita.monteith@icaew.com
Employment taxes and NIC Employer PAYE including Real Time Information and coding, NIC, Expatriate tax, Student loans peter.bickley@icaew.com
Enquiries and Appeals Compliance, enquiries and investigations, HMRC powers, complaints, tax appeals and tribunals. money laundering jane.moore@icaew.com
Large Business & International Tax Large business and international tax including CFCs, Patents and R&D ian.young@icaew.com
Practitioner Tax Agent strategy, HMRC service issues, Working together, ICAEW member tax communication caroline.miskin@icaew.com
Private client Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax (Personal and trusts), Non domicile and residence, Probate sue.moore@icaew.com
SME Business Business, Construction industry scheme, Corporation Tax, IR35, Tax and accounting sarah.ghaffari@icaew.com
Tax Policy Policy making, Ten Tenets, the GAAR and the ICAEW Thought Leadership programme ian.young@icaew.com
VAT and duties VAT and excise duty neil.gaskell@icaew.com
Working parties
Pensions (a) Pension tax issues
(b) Workplace pension reform
sue.moore@icaew.com peter.bickley@icaew.com
Professional conduct including engagement letters ICAEW guidance so far as concerns tax only peter.bickley@icaew.com
Inheritance tax and trusts All aspects of inheritance tax and tax matters relevant to trusts sue.moore@icaew.com
Tax Investigation Practitioners Group Serious tax investigations jane.moore@icaew.com