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Keep up-to-date with tech issues and developments, including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data, and cyber security.

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Byte size: tech news roundup

A roundup of the latest news surrounding technology. This edition includes cyber safety requires co-ordinated effort, keeping phone for longer could reduce carbon missions, ransomware costs UK companies £364m a year, AI to hit financial services hardest.

How do you tax a robot?

The Tax Faculty's technical lead, Anita Monteith, looks at the tax challenges brought by the increasing use of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation.

Data Management

Five years after data compliance requirement BCBS 239 was introduced, Rob Konowalchuk investigates what’s changed and where banks are heading.

The essential guide to blockchain

This guide from the ICAEW sets out the key features of blockchain, and the challenges it must face to reach widespread adoption. It includes case studies of real-life applications, as well as examining its impact on accountancy.

What is Blockchain?

Read IT Faculty's report for a definition of blockchain, key features of the technology, as well as the challenges and opportunities its adoption offers the accountancy and auditing professions.

Banking innovation

What do the changes in the business banking sector mean for FDs and CFOs? Pádraig Floyd finds out

Are You Suffering From Digital Paralysis?

Wandering around Accountex in May, I had brief conversations with a variety of tech vendors and consultants. What struck me was how many of them were convinced that cloud accounting has really only just started to scratch the surface of the UK public practice industry.

Banking on the cloud

Tim Fouracre explores the notion of accounting banks and how they could revolutionise the way we manage our finances in the future.

GDPR update

Whatever stage of GDPR-readiness your organisation has reached, ICAEW has resources that can help you to consolidate and go further, writes Lesley Meall.


The combination function INDEX MATCH is the most powerful, reliable, and flexible solution for any lookup-and-reference problem.

Quantum computing

Gary Tinnams explores the world of quantum computing and how the efforts of IBM and Google might one day bear fruit. Enter the megacomputer.

IT data and networks

Christopher Brinton and Mung Chiang chart the six principles that guide the networks influencing our everyday lives.


We are all aware of how precious and short time is with a hundred and one things to fit into the daily work routine and so how often it is the regular accounting and book keeping matters that take a back seat and are left for another moment.

The benefits of evaluating new IT systems for your firm

Jessica Pillow of Pillow May chartered accountants recently attended the Alternative Accountancy IT conference, which raised some interesting questions about evaluating IT systems for practices. Here, she discusses how you can not only avoid alienating your clients when implementing IT systems, but also see how it benefits your firm.

ICAEW on tour

David Lyford-Smith recounts a two-week trip across South-East Asia, discussing how technology is changing accounting.

What is the Internet of Things?

Read this Tech essentials guide to find out what is the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it affects the accounting profession, including auditing. Read this Tech essentials guide to find out what is the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it affects the accounting profession, including auditing. The guide also discusses real life IoT examples, management challenges as well as security concerns and future outlooks.

TAXguide 02/18: Demystifying MTD - the VAT requirements

In TAXguide 02/18, Sarah Ghaffari answers a selection of the key questions raised by viewers of the Tax Faculty webinar ‘Demystifying Making Tax Digital: the VAT requirements’, broadcast on 16 January 2018. Read a summary here, ICAEW members can download the full guide.