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Symphony of Data

Leanne Kemp explains to Nina Bryant how Everledger’s implementation of blockchain in the diamond industry is lighting the way for other sectors.

Until recently the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin stole most of the thunder when it came to mainstream media coverage of blockchain technology. But finally, thanks to the efforts of several committed entrepreneurs, the impressive tech that underpins blockchain – a form of distributed ledger – is getting the recognition it has been waiting for. As a result, the transformative results for accounting, finance, business – even society as a whole – could be staggering. Everledger’s CEO Leanne Kemp long ago spied an opening for blockchain technology to prove its worth in the diamond industry. And, as a businesswoman with 25 years’ experience of running start-ups, Kemp was able to get it off the ground. She describes her company as “providing a transaction layer of trust to help with the reputation of objects and serving that through a digital vault, enabling an ethical trade platform”.

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