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Good security practices

There are many good security practices which businesses can adopt to manage their risks around IT.

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However, new trends such as cloud computing and mobile technology raise new challenges on managing security across the business.

This section provides a variety of material on good security practices across a range of technologies.

Information security threats and solutions

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Information security is the branch of risk management that seeks to manage threats to organisational information. There are of course all kinds of information security risks. They all need to be assessed and businesses need to decide how to treat each one. This guide is solely concerned with the mitigation of information security risk.

Auditing the cloud: Gaining assurance that the service is safe for business

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As an auditor you face the challenge of addressing a burgeoning new form of service delivery that is not directly controlled by the organisation that has entrusted their data to the cloud. This helpsheet is intended to assist internal and external auditors to understand the risks associated with moving organisational activities to the cloud and scope a cloud-based services audit.

Developing a BYOD strategy

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This guide is aimed primarily at SME organisations that need an overview of what BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) actually is, how it can be used to the organisation’s advantage and how to start developing their own BYOD and mobile strategy for using and managing mobile devices successfully within their business.

Security and Assurance in the Cloud

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The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to the debate on security and assurance in the Cloud, define some of the key areas of concern and, most importantly, outline some of the current work being done to build this assurance, and thereby to reinforce Cloud as a valid business strategy for delivering information systems.

Keep ahead in the Cloud

Virtual systems over major benefits for organisational IT. They minimise the risk of hardware failure, make IT resources available more flexibly and help you manage costs. Here Dick Price explains how to manage the risks.

Predicting the information security landscape

We are heading towards an always on, always-connected world with greater connectivity between people, increasingly seamless connections between devices and as a direct result, an explosion of the amount of internet data.

The insider threat

Whilst crime has been with us since organised societies first developed, cybercrime is still a relatively new problem and is not well understood. This article explores the nature of the threat and offers specific ideas about what can be done to mitigate the threats and minimise the consequences

Do you really know where all your data is?

You can’t be in business today without being aware of your legal responsibilities for the data, particularly personal data, that you hold. These are serious responsibilities – I am sure you know where in your internal systems you store sensitive data and that it is properly secured. But do you really know where all your data is?