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Standards and regulation

Information security and data privacy are increasingly subject to legal regulation, as well as industry standards.

What are the key things that businesses need to do to remain compliant? And what organisational standards are helpful?

This section outlines some of the issues that businesses may encounter when facing legal requirements or implementing standards.

Legal implications for customers of cloud computing

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This helpsheet will help you to address the legal considerations specific to cloud computing, which include: the service levels and charges; intellectual property; security; data commitments; data protection; and importantly, the contract between the provider and the customer.

Real Time identity

A simple way to build online trust, or another failed technology project in the making? Toby Stevens explores the government’s new identity assurance programme and considers what it means for your business.

Cloud computing and data protection - Jan/Feb 2011

The business model adopted by most cloud computing service providers means that data may be stored and transferred across many jurisdictions. Rachel Burnett considers how to manage cloud computing so that personal data is processed in compliance with the law.

PCI-DSS: Do you comply?

Dick Price, director of Beacon IT, outlines the new standard intended to help organisations proactively protect customer account data.

Legal rights and duty in data

Data is increasingly central to many, if not most, sectors; businesses are focusing as never before on protecting and exploiting their own data, and getting access to others’ data that they need on the best terms.

Complying with the Data Protection Act

The UK’s Data Protection Act 1998 has now been in force for ten years. Yet, despite several high-profile data breaches, the Act’s regulator remains unconvinced that organisations are totally compliant with the regime.