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Excel is one of the most popular end-user tools in the accountant’s portfolio. Spreadsheets enable us to quickly and flexibly perform analysis that otherwise would be difficult or time-consuming; however, there is a tendency to place undue trust in them. The Excel Community is a 'one-stop shop' for accountants who want to use Excel better and understand and minimise spreadsheet risk.

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Features and articles

Is Excel bad for you

Here the experts share their views on spreadsheet strengths and weaknesses and whether they have any distance left to run.

Blogs and discussions

Accountants – is the end Insight?

The most recent Excel 2016 update for those on the Office 365 monthly release schedule includes the new 'Insights' feature.

Excel Tip of the Week #237 - Resetting overgrown worksheets

Ever had a file that suddenly ballooned in size? Or a worksheet that seemed harder to use than it should be? This can happen when Excel misjudges how much of a worksheet is in use.

Webinars and recordings

Power BI Desktop - turn data into action

Almost exactly two years ago, Rishi Sapra presented an excellent introduction to Power BI and its capabilities. Since then, Microsoft has continued to update Power BI with significant updates arriving monthly. This webinar will focus on the free version of Power BI, Power BI Desktop, and cover the different components of Power BI Desktop using a practical example to take you from raw data to interactive report.


A starter kit for the most powerful data analysis and presentation tool in Excel, the PivotTable.


The combination function INDEX MATCH is the most powerful, reliable, and flexible solution for any lookup-and-reference problem.


A quick introduction to the ubiquitous lookup-and-reference function, VLOOKUP – useful for everything from filling employee details from a master database to looking up prior year balances.

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Financial modeling in Excel for Dummies

A beginner's guide to financial modeling using Microsoft Excel.

Mastering financial mathematics in Microsoft Excel: a practical guide to business calculations (3rd edition)

Fully updated and compliant with Excel 2013, this clearly explains the basic calculations for mathematical finance, backed up with simple templates for further use and development, and a workbook with exercises and solutions at the end of each chapter

Advanced Excel reporting for management accountants

Automating management reporting with Microsoft Excel.

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