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Adding value

The ability to add value to the organisation you are working for will always be extremely important. There are a variety of ways in which you can demonstrate this, from resolving a problem, proposing a cost-saving plan or even creating a valuable business opportunity.

This catalogue of webinars focuses on developing a host of soft-skills to help you to perform more effectively and exceed the expectations of your employer or client.

Webinar recordings

15 July 2014 – The Gramminar
Perfecting your sentence structure and spelling can really add value to your ACA exams, as much as it can help to create credibility with colleagues and clients. Best-selling author and English language expert Alan Barker delivers an essential professional development webinar on using English grammar.


11 May 2015 – Managing business risk

Develop an understanding business risk and learn some simple techniques for you to apply.

23 November 2016 - Understanding how people think

Nickie Hawton tells us how to pick up signals and recognise contrasting thinking styles within the workplace and provides tips on how to adapt to them.

2017 - Resilience

Jeanette Purcell, Director of Jeanette Purcell Associates discusses the importance of resilience in a series of five webinars.

12 April 2017 – Transitioning to a manager

Communication expert, Jennifer MacKay and Newly Qualified member, Tom Bell talk through the new situations you will face in your new managerial role, as people look to you for guidance and support. This webinar will help you to ‘upgrade’ your communication skills to get you ready for becoming a manager.

18 October 2017- Transitioning from being a student to the workplace

This webinar will help you to develop communication skills and behaviours to give you the advantage of a perfect start in the workplace. 

Library and Information Service (LIS)

ICAEW’s Library offers hand-picked online resources, as well as books and journals, to help build on your skills.