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Problem solving

Being able to analyse a problem, identify all options and make well-thought out recommendations is extremely important in all aspects of life. This catalogue of webinars focuses on developing core soft-skills that will enable you to be more effective in your ability to solve problems both in your studies and in the work place.


Webinar recordings

19 September 2013 - Managing your workload and colleagues

This webinar focuses on the scarcity of time. Learn strategies to best manage your work and stay organised. Also we’ll look at ways to manage people you work with.

16 October 2014 - Principles of project management

Learn about the processes of project management as well as some of the most common challenges that you might come up against, along with practical tips to help you tackle them.

Library and Information Service (LIS)

ICAEW’s Library offers hand-picked online resources, as well as books and journals, to help build on your skills.