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Update Google Chrome notice for customers

15 April 2015

About this notice

This updated notice is for Awarding Bodies now that Google Chrome version 42 has been released and provides the latest information on compatibility with RM Assessor.

RM Results continues to recommend that examiners discontinue the use of Google Chrome for accessing RM Assessor (formerly Web Assessor).  However, in the latest Chrome release (version 42, released on 14 April) Google provide a temporary override to enable the continued use of Silverlight and other plugins – but they strongly warn against this.

Warning: RM Assessor shortly no longer available on Google Chrome

This information applies to examiners that access RM Assessor using Google Chrome.  You can ignore this notice if you use another internet browser or if you use the ‘Classic’ version of RM Assessor or if you use RM Assessor in ‘non-browser’ mode.

Google is gradually removing support for Silverlight and some other browser plugins from Google Chrome.  This is as follows:

  • In January 2015 Chrome version 41 was released and required a simple user action to enable the Silverlight plugin, and this allows RM Assessor to continue to be accessed in Chrome.
  • On 14 April 2015 Chrome version 42 was released and while our testing of the beta indicated that Silverlight would be blocked completely, on release Google have provided users with a new override that they can apply – however Google warn against applying this.  This override is expected to be supported in Chrome versions 43 and 44 which are expected to be released during the summer.
  • In September 2015 Google are due to release version 45 and say that this will no longer support the override – at this point Silverlight and RM Assessor will no longer operate in Chrome at all.
  • Given the above, RM Results recommends that users of RM Assessor adopt an alternative internet browser or install our “non-browser” RM Assessor application. Recommended and fully supported browsers for accessing RM Assessor are Microsoft Internet Explorer v8+ (for Windows), Mozilla Firefox v12+ (for OS X and Windows) and Safari v4+ (for OS X).

Although RM Results does not recommend doing so, users that wish to continue to use Chrome can do so for the time being by taking the below actions:  

1. Users of Chrome version 41 or before may see a jigsaw piece symbol in the centre of their browser webpage when accessing RM Assessor.  In this situation it should be possible to continue to use RM Assessor by right-mouse click on the jigsaw symbol in the address bar and enabling the plug-in.

2. Users of Chrome 42 can open Chrome and navigate to: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi in the address bar.  This will open a settings page at the “Enable NPAPI” setting and the user should click on the “Enable” link.  Closing and then opening the browser actives this setting.  Google caution against applying this override, stating that: “These experimental features may change, break, or disappear at any time,”  “your browser may delete all your data, or your security and privacy could be compromised in unexpected ways.” and “Please proceed with caution.”  For this reason, RM Results recommends swapping to a recommended browser as listed above.  Whilst marking using Chrome 42+ may work, use is not supported by RM Results.  This Google override is expected to be supported in Chrome versions 43 and 44 although it is unclear whether the process for applying this will remain the same in these future versions.

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