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New year, new case studies, new spontaneous joke

With the new teaching year now here I know I should refresh the bank of examples, anecdotes and stories I plan to use in the year ahead. Or that’s the intention anyway.

I am not an accountancy lecturer but concentrate instead on soft skills for accountants and employability skills for university students, so do see a range of ages, experiences and attitudes!
I am certainly guilty of dredging up memories from my past working experiences to illustrate the points I am trying to make in my training. These stories sometimes still start with – “Recently…” or “A couple of years ago…”, when the truth would be more like “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…”

Indeed, just the other day (see, I’m still doing it) I was recounting a story about the pros and cons of capitalising football players from an old client of mine which must date from over 20 years ago. It may even have pre-dated some of those listening.