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UK exporters that embrace the changes forced by Brexit will find opportunities beyond the EU

The processes of international trade will remain the same after Brexit, says Lesley Batchelor, Director General at the Institute of Export and International Trade. Exporting allows you to spread risk, by finding international markets which have growth and relative stability.

Trade in a post-Brexit world

Exporters should form better relationships outside of the EU's borders and intensify efforts in emerging markets, speakers at the 2019 Food & Drink Federation Convention have said. The development of market insight is hugely important, so that companies can purposefully target particular export markets.

A working day... with Amanda Stansfield, director of Granny Gothards ice cream

Amanda Stansfield, director of Granny Gothards ice cream, discusses manufacturing artisan ice cream. The company focuses on the food service sector and exports to Dubai, Bahrain and China.

Influencer marketing goes global

The article reports on the growing number of brands employing the influencer marketing strategy or the technique of getting lifestyle bloggers and users of the social media platform Instagram to promote their products. Topics discussed include the defining characteristics of influencers, the factors that marketing teams consider when choosing the influencer for their company and the challenges of navigating influencer markets outside the U.S. and Europe.

Islamic securitisation set to take off

Article on the increasing availability of Sukuk (Islamic bonds based on Sharia principles) in international markets. The majority of sukuk issued internationally have been asset-based, making their value dependent on the creditworthiness of the issuer. The authors explain how asset-backed sukuk bonds could be encouraged instead, which could potentially provide a Sharia-compliant option for investors interested in longer-term investments.

Brexit solvency II equivalency likely

The article informs that ratings agency AM Best has revealed that Great Britain is likely to be granted Solvency II equivalency after leaving the European Union. Yvette Essen, AM Best's director, research and communications for Europe and emerging markets, Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) of Great Britain has established itself as a strong regulator, and reinsurers may have to post collateral to support EU-sourced business..

Preparing for continued fx volatility

The article reports on the volatility of the foreign exchange market and its impact on corporate treasurers. The factors that contribute to the situation are discussed, including Great Britain's withdrawal from the European Union and the election of Donald Trump as president of the U.S. Also noted are the opinions of several foreign exchange market experts, including Richard Bibbey and Karl Schamotta, about the market's condition..

Eyes wide open: broader due diligence for a more complex China market

The article discusses the importance of due diligence in helping companies make better decisions and manage risk while doing business in emerging markets such as China. Changes in China's economic, political, and regulatory environment are affecting how some companies think about the need to make informed decisions. For due diligence, a specialized political and regulatory risk team is required that works in the local language. Investors in China have traditionally had little concern about the political exposure of prospective partners or mergers & acquisitions (M&A) targets.

The case for the scariest stocks

With a recession in Russia, a market meltdown in Latin America, and the economic slowdown in China, no one wants to touch emerging-market stocks with a 10-foot pole. Yet history suggests times like these are precisely when you want to buy - here's some strategies to reduce the risks involved.

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