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Whisky leads the way on UK food and drink exports

The latest quarterly Exports Snapshot from the Food and Drink Federation, published on 23 November 2017, shows that exports of whisky have increased in value by 10.9% in the year to date with a total of £3156.9m at the end of Q3 2017.

In the overall picture whisky has accounted for around a quarter of all food and drink exports from the UK with the remainder of the top five food and drink exports being filled by salmon (£578.5m), chocolate (£501.9m), beer (£475m) and cheese (£448.1m).

Significant rises in whisky exports have also featured prominently in many of the fastest growing markets, making up a substantial proportion of the overall growth. Exports of whisky grew by 277% to the Philippines, 131% to Latvia and 49% to Romania.