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Interim Management Community

The Interim Management Community is changing it's offering to members. From 1 January 2019 it will be replaced by a new community called Independent Advisers & Consultants. If you are currently a member of this community you will have access to your content until the end of the year but new members cannot join.


Interim Management Community

  • Exclusive access and networking opportunities at our evening seminars and webinars.
  • Technical queries answered by our expert panel and tailored email newsletters giving timely advice on the latest issues facing interims.
  • An extensive range of e-Library resources, news, information and advice to help you in your next assignment.
  • Our dedicated Interim Management LinkedIn group contains essential online resources on relevant topics to help you in your role.
  • Access to sector-specific events and webinars for opportunities to enhance your network and update your knowledge.

New community: Independent Advisers & Consultants

This new community offers practical support and guidance for anyone in an independent role, from those making the first step to those who have established portfolio careers, tailored to accounting and finance professionals.