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Greater China

Find out more about our qualifications, what we do for our members in Greater China, and how you can join us.

About us

The region has two offices in Beijing and Hong Kong.  Our office in Beijing was set up in 2006 following the signing of the MoU with the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA).  The MoU see the launch of a joint ICAEW/CICPA ACA training programme that enables qualified Chinese CPAs gain internationally recognised ACA.

The joint programme has been fully supported by CICPA who reimburse half of the ACA training cost to any practicing Chinese CPAs if they pass all ACA exams and become our member.  Since its launch, more that 400 Chinese CPAs has joined the programme to become ICAEW students.  One of the focuses of our Beijing Office is to promote the programme to potential students and to support the students once they join the programme.

We have been working closely with CICPA and other Chinese governments in areas such as technical thought leadership in order to raise the Institute’s profile.  Engaging with members also help us to increase our influence as we face fierce competitions from other accountancy bodies.

There are more than 3,000 members in the region and the majority of them are based in Hong Kong which makes Hong Kong the second largest city in terms of membership numbers behind London.  The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) is our local strategic partner.  A Membership and Cooperation Agreement was signed in 2004 with HKICPA that enables members of HKICPA who meet certain criteria to join ICAEW.

Our office in Hong Kong, established in 2007, focuses on raising the Institute’s profile, organising members’ events, dealing with members’ enquires and recruiting new members.

We have been working closely with HKICPA to organise joint members’ events and we constantly explore new opportunities and initiatives of delivering benefits to members that compliment what on offer from HKICPA.

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Hong Kong
Find out more about our qualifications, what we do for our members in Hong Kong, and how you can join us.
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Business Development Manager, Shanghai

Profile of Mr Ray Yang, Business Development Manager in Shanghai

Ray joined the ICAEW Greater China team as Business Development Manager in Shanghai on 1 December 2016.

He holds a Master in Mathematics at Edinburgh University and is also an ACA student. He is very interested in stochastic partial differential equation and probability theory.

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