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In or out, ICAEW has Brexit covered

Amid all the Brexit uncertainty, there is one thing that ICAEW members can rely upon – the ICAEW Brexit Hub, with its wealth of knowledge available at the click of a mouse.


April 2019

The ICAEW Brexit Hub acts as a library for everything to do with Brexit. Constantly updated, the hub can provide members with the very latest information, whether it is how Brexit will affect their practices, their finance functions or their clients, small or large.

In the Business section, members will find useful guidance on business checklists and the latest government assessments.

In the Accountancy profession section, there is FRC guidance for auditors, the impact on Irish audits, professional qualifications and auditor independence implications.

There are useful analyses of how EU law affects UK businesses, financial reporting and tax, alongside the impact on technology, financial services and corporate finance.

Members can even email their Brexit-related questions to the ICAEW team.

So, in or out, ICAEW will have Brexit covered.

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