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Steinberg steps up as new Deputy

Nathan Steinberg has stepped up to take on the role of Deputy President of the London Society of Chartered Accountants. Here he tells London Accountant why he is happy to give back to the profession.


August 2018

Nathan Steinberg, consultant at Kreston Reeves and London member of ICAEW Council, was appointed Deputy President of the LSCA in June 2018. He took over the role after Adrian Mansbridge stood down due to work and family commitments. He will serve as deputy to new President Helen Brennan, working alongside three vice presidents, John Freudenthal, Indy Agnihotri and Krutsna Buddhdev.

Having served on ICAEW Council for a number of years, Steinberg has a good knowledge of ‘head office’ but now feels the time is right to become more involved at a district level. “I merged my practice with Kreston Reeves last year, so I now have more time to be able to do the things that I’d like to do within the institute,” he explains.

Working with high net worth individuals, advising on corporate finance issues and family office tax matters, Steinberg sees that there are a number of challenges and opportunities ahead for the accountancy profession. But there is one issue above all others that is front of mind.

“Brexit is the key issue,” he says. “We, the LSCA, represent 36,000 ICAEW members, that’s over a quarter of the whole institute. There is a lot of interest among the members, London businesses and the City. We have significant influence, but must remember that we can’t be in a bubble, it will be a difficult balance to find as you can’t do everything for everyone.”

Steinberg says he will be involved in helping area societies within the London region, looking to get both business and practice members more involved with ICAEW matters. And younger members will figure high on his agenda as well. “I’m still learning myself, but I and others can also act as mentors to the younger generations of chartered accountants,” he says. To prove the point about continually learning, he recently passed his probate exams.

“The key thing to remember is that the LSCA office holders are here for our members. I am very much looking forward to working with Helen in her year as President, supporting younger members and the area societies, that is the most important part of the job.”

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