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ICAEW supports government’s Green Finance Strategy

ICAEW has promised its support for the government’s Green Finance Strategy as part of its commitment to tackling the climate change crisis.

August 2019

The launch of HM Treasury’s Green Finance Strategy to increase investment in sustainable projects and infrastructure, aims to ensure the UK remains an international leader in decarbonisation and meets its 2050 net zero carbon emissions target. 

ICAEW Chief Executive, Michael Izza said: “Businesses are already feeling the effects of climate change with extreme weather patterns, for example, having resulted in the downgrading of credit ratings and even bankruptcy for some companies. 

“We can no longer bury our heads in the sand. Businesses must adapt to meet the climate crisis by driving towards net zero carbon and developing new industries and products.

“ICAEW is leading action on climate-related issues across the accountancy profession by raising awareness amongst our members, as well as developing ways to measure and report on value creation beyond the financials.”

ICAEW recently launched a joint initiative with Deloitte to help businesses learn more about the effects of climate change and is closely involved in Chapter Zero: The Directors’ Climate Forum to increase boardroom understanding of the risks and opportunities presented by climate change.

Further information on how ICAEW is responding to the climate emergency and meeting its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be found on ICAEW’s Climate Change hub.

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